It's Time to Ditch Your Alarm.

The UpLight is a smart light bulb that replaces your annoying, shock-inducing alarm so you can wake up happy.

The UpLight uses broad spectrum light to help you wake up in a natural way, ready for the day ahead!


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Wish mornings were less stressful? The Up Light gently prepares your body for waking up to reduce morning stress and increase productivity throughout the day.

Wake up refreshed. Wake up on time.

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What would YOU do if waking up was easy?

The Up Light turns your bedside lamp into a wake up light to gently prepare your body for waking so you don't have that morning grogginess. Instead, you wake up feeling refreshed, more alert, and ready to begin your day. It also removes the blue light wavelengths in the evenings so it's more conducive to sleep!

Designed For YOU.

  • It's Simple.

    No hubs, no wifi connections, no additional clutter on your nightstand, and best of all, no more annoying alarms! If you know how to replace a standard light bulb and download an app, the Up Light is for you.

  • It's Smart.

    By pairing light with sound, The Up Light works with your body to help reset your circadian rhythm and promote sleep wellness.

  • It Works.

    Sleep specialists have been using light therapy for years to help treat sleep phase disorders and we use it ourselves.

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    In the news and on the street...

    I didn't realize the thing would change my life! I've always had trouble, both falling asleep at night and waking up energized, and I can truly say this has changed all that!

    Nicole Leandra - San Diego, CA

    Both bulbs have been working nicely! I mentioned the Up Light at a presentation I made last night to twenty people. Someone asked about the Philips wake up lights and I gave the Up Light a favorable review in comparison. I did two more presentations today and mentioned you to about 1,000 high school students. My son wants his own UP light!

    Dr. Brad Wolgast, Board Certified in Behavioral Sleep Medicine - Delaware

    I have never been able to wake up and work out with an alarm and now I can. I now wake up refreshed before the alarm even sounds. I could not do this with alarms, sleep monitors etc. You are truly changing lives. I appreciate you much...

    David Vande Vooren - Lawrence, KS

    Omg I'm already obsessed!!! My room is very dark and waking up is the hardest thing in the dark...well in general. I'm the queen of the snooze button but once the light is on and in your face it's really hard to validate pushing snooze. It has been VERY helpful. You guys have a great product!

    Reily McEvers - New York, NY

    Product Features


    With no hubs, no wifi connections, no other accessories to buy, setup is as simple as changing a light bulb!


    Soothing sounds, ambient lighting, and white noise simulation help you calm the mind and fall asleep.


    With 16 million colors, the UpLight is not only fun, but allows you to rest in the evenings by removing melatonin suppressing light, so you can get to sleep.


    Our gradual sunrise simulation prepares your body and gently wakes you up every morning stress free.


    Hit that morning work out. Enjoy breakfast. Read your favorite book. What would YOU do if you could wake up early?


    The durable aluminum alloy casing means you can pack it safely so you can enjoy your wake up light while travelling.

    By The Numbers

    Lumens Brightness
    Energy Consumption
    Bulb Lifetime

    Frequently Asked Questions

    This is unlike any other alarm, how does it work?

    You're right. When you think about something waking you up, you think about someone stirring you or alerting you awake. The UpLight is completely different. One of the reasons it's hard for a lot of people to wake up in the morning is because the sleep hormone that makes you tired (melatonin) is being produced too late - so by the time you wake up, it hasn't had a chance to wear off and you wake up groggy. So instead of trying to wake you up in the morning and fighting with your body, The UpLight tells your body when to start producing your sleep hormones at night so that it wears off in time and you wake up naturally, feeling ready. The light itself doesn't wake you up, rather it helps your body know when to sleep and wake up naturally on its own.

    How do I update my UpLight firmware?

    As we're constantly working to improve the UpLight experience, new firmare updates may be available. If your UpLight is experiencing any performance issues, a great place to start is by downloading your latest firmware. To update your firmware, go to the link below for instructions:

    How To: Firmware Update

    It doesn't seem bright enough, how can I make it brighter?

    The UpLight is a 750 lumen bulb that is capable of producing even up to 10,000 lux of light. Different lamps and shades will reflect varying amounts of light, if you feel it's not bright enough, try placing a CD into the top of the shade with the reflective side pointing down. This will get more light shining where you need it most. For more intense light, you can use a read lamp and point the light directly at you. DO NOT stare directly into the light as it may cause retinal damage or even blindness.

    How do I set my music to play in the morning?

    To set your wake up music, tap on <Music/Ringtone> and select your music or go into Settings and set your wake music there. Certain older devices or operating system versions may not support apps running in the background - in those cases, you may need to either upgrade your phone software or use your built in phone alarm for wake up sound.

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